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Indie Spotlight: 37 Ways To Say I’m Gay


This weeks Indie Spotlight is for Australian feature film “37 Ways to Say I’m Gay”, by writer director Wayne Tunks.

Based on the sell out play of the same name at the 2012 Gay & Lesbian Midsumma Festival in Melbourne, 37 Ways is a series of coming out stories, set throughout time. The video  is a pre-shoot sample, and the reason 37 Ways to Say I’m Gay is being spotlighted this week. There were some very loud laughter moments for me contained in that short video.

Wayne Tunks and his crew can say it better than I can, so here’s the Indiegogo pitch… Make sure to check it out and donate if you can. This is an Australian comedy that needs to be made. There are some great perks for supporters, and it’s definitely getting some donation love from me next pay day!

37 Ways To Say I’m Gay

After a sell out season at the 2012 Gay & Lesbian Midsumma festival in Melbourne, Tunks Productions is excited to begin shooting of the feature film version.

Tunks Productions is the production company of writer, director and actor, Wayne Tunks. They have sold out shows around Australia, and like to focus on essentially Australian stories with a strong focus on gay stories or gay characters. Biggest successes include, “The Subtle Art of Flirting”, “We’ll Always Have Wagga”, “The Bridesmaid Must Die!”, “Go West”, “Silvertop Ash” and “Hell Hath No Fury”. Wayne recently worked in the “Neighbours” story department and was first assistant director for “A House Around the Corner”.

Wayne Tunks believes there should be more gay stories told and is excited to produce this film about coming out.

Co producer Perri Cummings has worked consistently as an actor, writer and more recently as a producer for several projects and companies. As a founding member of both Tropic Line Theatre Company and Gorgeous Productions, she has produced, directed and performed in over fifty plays around Australia. She has also helped to produce several short films with Cinema Viscera, she spent three years writing for Neighbours and currently has a comedy series optioned by Fremantle Media as well las a commission to write a feature script. Perri was lucky enough to be in the cast of “37 Ways to Say I’m Gay” for the Midsumma Festival season in 2012 and jumped on the chance to help Wayne turn his wonderful play into a feature film. But we need your help!


Film isn’t cheap and finding a four leaf clover is easier than getting funding. We are hoping to start with a little crowd funding campaign to get important funds to help pay for the crew and cast. As well as the many lavish sets and costumes we have.

Feature film gay casting is limited in Australia, and at Tunks Productions, we hope to change that!


“37 Ways To Say I’m Gay” is the film adaption of a sell out play by award winning prominent gay writer Wayne Tunks. Featuring a massive cast of over 100 Australian actors, these are stories of coming out, 37 different ways.

From prehistoric to futuristic, from America to Australia, from city to county and from comedy to drama, these are stories with heart. A young gay man’s suicide is covered up, an ‘are they or aren’t they?’ boy band, a wedding ceremony that will end badly and a boy ready to confess his sexuality to his whole school. Two soldiers on the front line in World War II, a teen unable to tell his parents, an AIDS patient clinging to life in the 80’s and Alexander the Great just after his wedding are only just a few of the many stories covered in this heart warming collection of coming out tales.


We will be shooting in mid to late 2013 and will need to get all our funding together by then. This is a project of love that we hope to get into the film festival circuit and onto some screens around the world. We can get this done with your support. Any monetary amount is helpful. Please share with all your friends. Together we can make this film a possibility.

We will also be casting the roles shortly, CV’s and headshots can be sent to casting@tunks.com.au

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