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Just what everyone needs, another blog on the internet talking about this, that and the stuff in between.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. No, seriously. Always. From as young as I can remember I’ve wanted to write stories, novels, movies, tv shows, you name it, I wanted to write it. I got a bit distracted for a while, so here I am. 41 and working on the first book of a planned three book Epic Fantasy series. Go big or go home as they say.

Writing in Shadows was born back in 2012 – I can’t believe it’s been that long – and was originally designed to be a place where I could discuss my journey as a writer. Over the years it’s morphed into a place to talk about life, mine in particular.

I’ve recently been considering broadening the scope of Writing in Shadows. While I may find me fascinating I highly doubt many others would, and to that end I’m reaching back into my own blogging history and giving Writing in Shadows a make over.

A new theme, a new set of areas to write about and explore. While Writing in Shadows will to some extent, always be a place for me to discuss my writing it will now pick up on some of the past blogs I’ve written. In the coming weeks I’ll be introducing some new categories; Book reviews, film reviews, opinion pieces and articles along with the pieces more aimed at the blogs original purpose.

To those people who follow my blog, thanks for sticking around and if you’re new to the world I’m trying to create here, welcome. Feel free to comment on posts, and have a wander around. The blog has been sadly neglected in recent times – writing a novel will do that to a blog I guess – but with a new lick of paint and some new areas to explore, I’m fairly sure there’ll be more content up here than we know what to do with shortly.

Mike Cullen



  1. Quentin Rendell says

    hi Mike

    Thanks you for your open letter. Thank you for your courage and foresight in sharing it with us and indeed the PM. I don’t know how much our current government will take notice of it and reflect upon the magnitude of implications, as well as the many other experiences out there, but I can only hope they do. I hope that you can move forward and allow the memories from your experiences to become less painful and controlling, and that you can lead the calm life you deserve to lead.

    Sending you caring hugs


    • Hi Quentin, Thank you so much. My life now is wonderful. I’ve got a great job, fantastic friends and I lead a remarkably different life to the one I had as a child/teenager. I highly doubt anyone in the government will read this post, but that’s okay. The post will still be there later on. Maybe they’ll have more time to read it after the election 😉

  2. Deborah Seabrook says

    Hi Mike,
    I just finished reading your open letter to the PM. I am so profoundly sad that you and other children have and still are subjected to such dreadful experiences, I weep for all of you.

    You are correct in saying that the PM has handed the power to the political bullies and has basically condoned the behaviour that tormented you as a child.

    It must have been an incredibly sad and difficult childhood at school and only knowing you fleetingly on Twitter it is apparent that you have triumphed to become a beautiful caring human being.

    I have shared your letter on my FB to allow my fellow LGBT friends see the courage you have displayed in speaking out. I sincerely hope the PM reads this letter and feels very sad over his actions last week.

    • Hi Deborah, Thanks for commenting. I’m really glad you read it. What you see of me on Twitter is who I am these days. I’ve built an amazing life for myself. School sucked balls – and not in a good way – but life after it has been pretty kind to me. Thanks for sharing the post on your FB too, I really appreciate that.

  3. Dear Mike,
    I am currently thousands of kilometres from home / birthplace – Brisbane.
    I am crying. Crying from the hard recollection of my own school journey in Australia (which, thankfully, wasn’t as long as yours, as I lived overseas for a large chunk of my childhood) reflected in your words.
    Also crying because of the bigger horrors you faced.
    Finally, crying from relief, to hear you say your life is good now.
    I applaud you on such a beautifully succinct (though you may disagree, I say this because, quote; “I can talk under wet cement”) yet powerful protest to our “esteemed” PM’s actions.
    All I want to say is thank you – you have illustrated to this seemingly ignorant (I suspect sometimes, that they are actually not, but are simply another example of the teachers who ignored or did little to stop our tormentors.) politicians who choose to believe in this most archaic of mentalities that children should be abused to “toughen them up”.
    As one of those children, who actually then went home and was tormented by his own father and lived in mortal fear of the man – I echo your cry of B.S. at these people and their retrograde thoughts.

    Sometimes, I like to be reminded that like others (yourself) before me – I was strong enough or at least found the smallest of reasons to keep myself in this plane.

    Thank you and… Really; lots of warmth and even love.
    I am happy to read that you are doing much better and as a complete bookaholic, I am curious as to your hopefully near-future project.
    Take care,
    (Kindred Spirit)

    • Thank you Pat, for both leaving a comment and taking the time to read. I really appreciate it. Life is what it is, once I got out of school my life became much better.

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