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I Will Not Accept Being Tolerated.

This morning I woke up to news that a new letter had been sent to the Prime Minister of Australia requesting support for a Safe Schools style program. The idea is to replace the existing program with a national anti-bullying program after the Turnbull Government ceased funding of the initial Safe Schools program. The original Safe Schools program will continue being supported in the Labor-led States after the funding has stopped, but the Liberal-led States will be shutting it down.

When a post goes viral.

As a writer, or a blogger, you hope your work will resonate with an audience. Whether it’s an audience of family and friends, or maybe a stranger or two, you hope what you say will have meaning. Particularly when you write for the love of it and make no income from it. Particularly when you write from the heart.

Seek (2014)

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the film Seek is awkward. The film seems to me to be unsure of what it wants to be when it grows up. Whether this is a scripting issue or an editing issue I’m not certain, but I am certain this 2014 gay film seems to be trying to be too many things, to too many people and ultimately being not all that much to anyone.

Is It Just Me (2010)

Is It Just Me is a sweet, romantic comedy about finding true love in a sea of readily available one night stands. Blaine, a columnist for a gay newspaper writes about his eternal search, never believing that love is possible for him. When his actor/Go-Go dancing flatmate Cameron uses his computer to upload sexy new photos to his online profile, a chance encounter with a young Texan living in Hollywood leads to a comedy of errors and the chance at falling in love.

A Nightclub in Your Pocket

  Back in the day, before the internet, social media and phones that did more than actually make phone calls, dating was a world I didn’t really understand. I never have done really. I never knew how to meet people. At times I’m shy to the point of catatonic breakdown, and I still never really know what to say to strangers. I’m not great at small talk.


  I often find myself thinking about people who reinvent themselves. People who take risks, push themselves out of their comfort zone and see greater success – whatever that may mean – then they would have achieved if they’d walked only a specific and expected path. Sometimes, what is easy is not always the best path to take to get to where you need to be.

Own It

Recently I’ve developed a habit. Several in fact. Last night, while participating in an orgy of self-loathing soundtracked by broadway show tunes on Youtube I came to a realisation. I came to understand something that sooner or later we all have to own our lives. The good, the bad, the incorrectly sized. Whatever we’ve got, we have to own it, because somewhere along the way, we only got what we think we deserve.

I’m The Mary

While I’ve been enjoying life as an unemployed hobo I’ve been catching up on “things”. The type of “things” you never have time for as you run in endless circles while being a good corporate hamster. One of the things I’ve been catching up on is movies and TV shows. I’ve got nothing else to do and at least with movies 90 minutes or so is sucked away in another world. I sort of feel like the character in Catch-22 who does nothing in the belief that doing nothing makes life last longer.