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Fish fingers and custard

I’m a bit of a Johnny-Come-Lately to the world of Doctor Who. I remember as a kid watching it with Grandfather but I never bothered with the reboot until I got Netflix last year. The Australian selection of TV options was limited, to put it politely, so Doctor Who it was. I rather liked it. I must have I’ve watched all the available seasons twice.

Starting Point: My Top Tips for Preparing For Your Next Writing Adventure

Over the past two weeks I’ve been battling the flu. Now, personally I’m not a believer in the often derived “Man-Flu.” It’s derogatory, and insulting. That said, this flu is by far the worst one I’ve ever had. I’ve barely been awake for the past week and a half and when I have I’ve had the energy of a newborn kitten. It’s been annoying.

It’ll only take a couple of minutes..

In all the history of famous last words, my idea last night to “revamp” Writing in Shadows has to be one up there. I’ve been toying around with the idea of relaunching this site. Originally it was a place for me to write about my creative recovery, but as my focus moved from writing about writing to actually doing it, Writing in Shadows took a bit of a back seat. Actually it ended up in the back of the cyber-closet Velveteen Bunny style. Every now and again I’d pop over, have a look and think “Gee, its been a while, I should really post something.” Of course as the latest posts show, I didn’t. Yesterday afternoon while I was watching a movie I decided to revamp the blog, and start doing some knew things; Book Reviews, Film Reviews, more in-depth article/opinion piece things, while maintaining the blogs original purpose to write about the journey of creativity. I bought a new theme, and set about fixing it up. Cut forward nearly 24 hours and I’m still …

Ideas: Where do they come from?

There’s something about old photographs I just love. I could lose hours wandering through google, looking at photos of couples and families long gone. The moment, forever frozen in time. Photography, particularly those from Victorian England, set my imagination ablaze. I find myself looking at the ghostly images of other days, other eras, and my mind begins to wander. What where they thinking? What stories did they have to tell? Where they happy, sad, indifferent to the experience?