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My Week in a Nutshell

I thought I’d start a newly weekly update, called My Week in a Nutshell. Just a few points of interest I guess along the road I call my life. Well, they’re points of interest to me, whether they are to you or not remains to be seen.


The day job was totally hectic this weekend. Deadlines usually are. I completed a new conference on cybercrime that looks pretty awesome even if I do say so myself. It goes on sale from Monday and I’m really hopeful it will be a success. After the amount of work I put into it, it better be.

I’ve got international guest speakers and some of the leaders in the fight against cyber crime in Australia on the program, and it’s really a not to be missed opportunity to hear from experts how to protect, detect and investigate cyber crime.


My muse has been working over time this week. I’m grateful she’s come back. The more I go without alcohol, the clearer she is to hear. Last week was a major milestone for me. Up until last Sunday I hadn’t written anything new in 7 years. Even the short film I wrote for my class was based off a short story I wrote when I was 13 or 14.  To have written a short film, and a short story, while beginning a second short story makes me feel like I might just be reaching the point of trusting myself to write, and trusting the universe that the words will be there when I need them.


I’ve made a decision this week to go back to the BodyTrim program. I’ve put on quite a bit of weight recently. I know why it’s happened. I’ve been making bad food choices. Pasta, Chinese take away every day for lunch, hot chips. I can’t remember the last time I ate anything even remotely healthy. I came across a take away fish shop on Friday that sells beautiful fish and salads. I’ve started my Carb Free week this week, and lunches from now on will be fish and salad. I’ve been so lazy since we moved offices.  There’s a food court across the street. Instead of going there I’m going to go to the other food court and eat healthy.

I’ve also decided to get rid of the soft drink. It’s just packed with sugar and all it does is sit on my belly. With diabetes in my family history I guess it’s time to start being more responsible with the choices I make.

I even de-coated the Cardio Twister – a rather expensive piece of exercise equipment I bought off the TV a couple of years ago – and will be getting up half an hour earlier from now on to make sure I exercise before work.

And the decision I’ve been making regularly for the last couple of years has been remade today. Tomorrow morning I’m quitting smoking. I know I can do it, I’ve done it before. I just have to remember that for me I can’t have just one cigarette. The minute I open the packet I’m on a race to see how quickly I can finish it. It’s sort of like my relationship with wine.


Yesterday I celebrated 1 month of sobriety since I made the decision to quit drinking.  Unfortunately I celebrated my success with no alcohol and my success with finally hearing my Muse again with a bottle of wine. Well three to be exact. It’s an automatic habit and one I’m determined to break. I wrote about it this morning in my other blog. If you want to read about the steps I’ve taken this morning to make drinking impossible – or at least inconvenient – here’s the link:  http://ayearwithoutalcohol.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/caution-possible-upcoming-rant/


Next week is looking pretty busy. I won’t have a huge amount of time for anything other than the new conference I’m due to start producing on Monday. I’m hoping to find some time to write after work. I wanted to write, well edit, today but frankly I’ve got the attention span of a blow fly on speed today. I know why. I’m not going into it, the link above explains it well enough.

For me, I guess the strangest part of this whole week has been the return of meditation into my life. I always feel amazing after a meditation session. I need to do it more often. Whenever I stop doing it I get all tense and silly. Whenever I start it again I can’t figure out why I stopped in the first place. My  goal this week is to make sure I mediate at least once a day, along with exercise at least half an hour a day and make it a week of no cigarettes starting from tomorrow.

I guess we’ll have to see how that works out.

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