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eCupid – Love on the Download (2011)

After 7 years together Marshall (Houston Rhines) and Gabe (Noah Schuffman) are in a bit of a rut. Their relationship has reached the stage of early nights, birthday sex and passing each other in the hallway. Late one night Marshall answers a pop up on his computer, downloading the eCupid app in a search for something “different.” To say the app takes over his life, would be an understatement.

Is It Just Me (2010)

Is It Just Me is a sweet, romantic comedy about finding true love in a sea of readily available one night stands. Blaine, a columnist for a gay newspaper writes about his eternal search, never believing that love is possible for him. When his actor/Go-Go dancing flatmate Cameron uses his computer to upload sexy new photos to his online profile, a chance encounter with a young Texan living in Hollywood leads to a comedy of errors and the chance at falling in love.