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Seek (2014)

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the film Seek is awkward. The film seems to me to be unsure of what it wants to be when it grows up. Whether this is a scripting issue or an editing issue I’m not certain, but I am certain this 2014 gay film seems to be trying to be too many things, to too many people and ultimately being not all that much to anyone.

eCupid – Love on the Download (2011)

After 7 years together Marshall (Houston Rhines) and Gabe (Noah Schuffman) are in a bit of a rut. Their relationship has reached the stage of early nights, birthday sex and passing each other in the hallway. Late one night Marshall answers a pop up on his computer, downloading the eCupid app in a search for something “different.” To say the app takes over his life, would be an understatement.

Is It Just Me (2010)

Is It Just Me is a sweet, romantic comedy about finding true love in a sea of readily available one night stands. Blaine, a columnist for a gay newspaper writes about his eternal search, never believing that love is possible for him. When his actor/Go-Go dancing flatmate Cameron uses his computer to upload sexy new photos to his online profile, a chance encounter with a young Texan living in Hollywood leads to a comedy of errors and the chance at falling in love.

Getting Go

In the 2014 Queer film Getting Go: The Go Doc Project, soon to graduate university student Doc is obsessed with a local Go Go Boy. In a drunken moment Doc sends Go an email, inviting him to be a participant in a documentary film. When Go responds positively to the idea, Doc faces the real trauma of meeting and coming to know the crush he’s been too scared to speak to.

The Light Bulb Hypothesis

It was a typical February Sunday afternoon. Birds were chirping, the kids down the road were riding skate boards up and down the hill, the neighbour who mows his lawn daily was out there with scissors and a ruler to ensure all blades of grass were uniform in height and I was sitting under the house, chain smoking and wasting time on a Facebook game.

Drum Roll Please……

So I’ve been thinking about ways to make this blog about more than just me and my creative recovery. While that is the main focus of the blog and will probably remain so, I wanted to create some new content to keep the blog fresh and useful. I’m a huge supported of Indie-art. I’m a self published author with 10’s of sales to my credit, with my first eBook Visualised Meditations for Busy People available on both iTunes and Amazon.