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A View To A Kill

I’ve got a thing for water. I love to be in it. Near it. Next to it. Walking beside it. There is something so utterly soothing and reenergising about being near a large body of water. Even a small puddle really works if that’s all I can near. Water fills me with a sense of rebirth, of fresh hope and of unlocked energy.

Breaking Down

Yesterday I returned home from my week of house sitting. A friend of mine had offered to drive me home, and given how badly my back and hips were aching I was extremely grateful of the offer. Given it was a 90 minute or so drive, it was definitely going “above and beyond” the requirements of friendship.

Endless Summer…

This week has been awesome, like living underwater in a pineapple awesome. I’ve pretended to be a grown up, pretended to be a successful author working for himself while living in a beach side hut, I’ve pretended to be skinny and rich and I’ve pretended to be a film/TV writer. All in all this week where I can pretend has been great fun. Today I go home to the real world; but I plan to take the “pretend” home with me.

Slow and Steady; With Just a Little Slime

Todays picture has nothing to do with this post, but how cool is that giant snail. Into all lives a little rain must fall, at least that what the cliche’s say when trying to cheer someone up who’s attempting to empty the ocean sized floods of life with a children’s novelty bucket and spade set. But how you deal with the little falls of rain is more important than the rain itself. At least, that’s the conclusion I’ve come to this week.

Fictional Deaths…

Back in the 80’s somewhere, everyone’s favourite kooky city girl turned farmer, turned new mum lost her battle with cancer and died as the closing credits rolled on A Country Practice. Lying on a lounge and covered by a blanket, Molly watched as her husband and young daughter ran down the hill playing. The image started to fade, and the viewers saw Molly’s final image, of her daughter and husband, playing happily.

The Early Bird…

Over recent weeks I’ve had a problem with sleeping. Whenever I lay my head on my pillow, my brain takes off at a million miles an hour and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. It just goes on and on in a constant loop. Last night, while watching an episode of Bones I dozed off. I got a phone call and by the time I got off the phone my brain was running. To say I was dismayed is an understatement.

There’s something about a bowl of fruit

So today has dawned and it’s quite warm in the sun. I’ve travelled to the ends of the Earth – well EastLakes in Sydney – to house sit and puppy sit for friends for the week, while they go and build huts for nuns on Hamilton Island. For a week I get to pretend I’m a responsible grown up, with a home of my own and a pet dog. Saturday I return to reality, but until then I’m going to play house.

Permission to Play

Yesterday evening, armed with a pencil, a sketch pad and an eraser I drew a picture. I hadn’t drawn anything in 20 years. I don’t draw because I can’t. Simple as that. Can’t do it, don’t try. What I ended up with was something rather surprising. It was a passable rough sketch of a man lying on a pillow. His nose is a bit wonky and slightly too large for his face, but it’s clear what the image was. It’s sort of cool really.

Change: Disaster Movie or Refreshing Rom Com?

I can be a bit of stick in the mud. I like my shoes where I put them. I like my coffee strong, and milky, with just the right amount of sugar. I am very much in support of finding my wallet exactly where I left it. I like to get up in the morning, go to work, accomplish something during the day and come home to dinner, a few cats and some brain numbing reality TV. I am the poster child of routine.