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Life is the extremest sport there is.

Currently,┬áin Australia, it’s Christmas Day. The humidity is suffocating, the heat not so bad. I honestly wouldn’t mind the heat if the humidity was not here. That said Christmas is going to plan. So far I’ve only dropped a bottle of cola and a bottle of lemonade. All in all, I’d call that a success.

Merry Christmas, here let me spike your drink

Yesterday afternoon I was on twitter. Ostensibly I was searching for inspiration for a content piece I was writing for the work blog. Social media marketing may sound like a fun topic to write about, and it is, but coming up with fresh angles on a topic it appears every person and their dog is writing about can make life difficult. While I was putting together the bones of an idea, I came across a tweet from the Washington Post about an advertisement released by American department store Bloomingdale’s and I’ll honestly admit my first thought was “fuck off, that can’t possibly be real.” Turns out it is real. The image I’m talking about is the featured image of this post and even today I’m struggling to understand the mentality of the creative team behind it. I just can’t picture how a room full of educated professionals thought that advertisement was a good idea. I found myself wondering whether or not the whole point to it was to create outrage to start a discussion on …

Why the term Same-Sex Marriage Deliberately Misses The Point….

Over the weekend – in Australia – it has been really interesting to see how the SCOTUS decision has been welcomed. Although SCOTUS doesn’t have any impact on Australian legislature and policy decisions, it has been viewed – in conjunction with the recent vote in Ireland – as a kick start to a campaign for Marriage Equality frozen by a succession of policy-scared Governments.