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Getting a bikini body for Summer, guaranteed…

I’m currently house sitting a massive 15 minute train commute from where I’m working. Given my usual 95 minute commute this is a massive blessing. It does of course play merry hell on my ability to people watch. But the people watching on this train line is very different to that on my normal Central Coast to Sydney run. Last week I was standing near the doors of the carriage when I overheard a perfectly natural conversation between two young women. As the weather begins to heat up – although today is proving that theory incorrect – and people across the nation begin their annual pilgrimage to the beach. Australia is a beach culture. There are hundreds of kilometres of golden sand beaches, oceans of water all around us. We are, by our very national identity viewed as bikini clad beach babes and speedo wearing life guards. On the train the conversation went as follows: Girl 1: Oh it’s gotten so hot so fast this year, and I’m not ready for the beach yet. Girl …

Marathon or Sprint: Lessons I’ve learned in my novel writing course

In February this year I began a 6 month novel writing course held at the Australian Writers’ Centre. The course facilitator is Award Winning Australian novelist Pamela Freeman. When I first signed up, I entertained myself by imaging that finished novel sitting in my hands in August, the entirety of the Australian publishing industry bashing down my door to sign me up.

Starting Point: My Top Tips for Preparing For Your Next Writing Adventure

Over the past two weeks I’ve been battling the flu. Now, personally I’m not a believer in the often derived “Man-Flu.” It’s derogatory, and insulting. That said, this flu is by far the worst one I’ve ever had. I’ve barely been awake for the past week and a half and when I have I’ve had the energy of a newborn kitten. It’s been annoying.