Author: M.R Cullen

The Patrician’s Secret: When in doubt, make it personal.

Back in the golden years of history, the role of leader was an easier one. If the Christian’s gave you trouble, throw them to the lions. War mongers had an easier time convincing their fellow leaders that the sub-humans (anyone not them) were easily taken over; their riches ripe for the picking.

An unpopular opinion on tackling unemployment.

So here’s the thing. Unemployed people in Australia are required to fulfill a mutual obligation with their job search providers to be able to qualify for Social Security benefits. While this is fair enough, people should be required to help themselves, I’m not overly impressed so far with either the job search providers or the Government’s response to helping people find a job. ¬†Frankly, I’m beginning to believe the Government would prefer the unemployed to just be unemployed, quiet and possibly dead.

Fish fingers and custard

I’m a bit of a Johnny-Come-Lately to the world of Doctor Who. I remember as a kid watching it with Grandfather but I never bothered with the reboot until I got Netflix last year. The Australian selection of TV options was limited, to put it politely, so Doctor Who it was. I rather liked it. I must have I’ve watched all the available seasons twice.