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eCupid – Love on the Download (2011)

After 7 years together Marshall (Houston Rhines) and Gabe (Noah Schuffman) are in a bit of a rut. Their relationship has reached the stage of early nights, birthday sex and passing each other in the hallway. Late one night Marshall answers a pop up on his computer, downloading the eCupid app in a search for something “different.” To say the app takes over his life, would be an understatement.

Marshall in a self absorbed advertising man, working in a dead-end job with a boss who is not afraid to tell him he’d rather see a ficus in the office than Marshall and his desk. His partner Gabe has his own problems in the workplace, with his business venture The Angel Cafe failing to ignite the interest of the locals. Instead of talking about the issues the two try to keep their dissatisfaction with work out of the home, leading the couple to drift apart.



eCupid is a fresh,  funny romantic comedy exploring the 7 Year-Itch from a gay perspective. As the eCupid app takes over every facet of Marshall’s life he finds his relationship with Gabe on the rocks. Sexy new office co-workers, hot frat boys, athletic twinks and a fabulous Party Planner all turn up unexpectedly in Marshall’s life as he deals with the issues of a long-term relationship, and preparing to turn 30.

The film is the follow up feature to Writer/Director J.C. Calciano’s 2010 hit Is It Just Me and examines similar themes; the search for true love, honesty and communication in relationships. But there are more than enough differences between the two films to keep them both fresh and entertaining.


Although barely on screen, TV legend Morgan Fairchild steals the film as the voice of the eCupid App and later as a waitress in a diner. Her easy performance elevated the film and made me wary of downloading any apps that deal with love for years afterwards.

I first saw eCupid at the 2012 QueerScreen, the film festival run as part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The cinema was sold out, and the audience was really taken by the movie. The laughter that echoed through the cinema that night is something that sticks with me even when I re-watch the DVD at home.

Addressing the idea that relationships take work, and that true love is the foundation for the best life has to offer eCupid is a fun film and one that I would highly recommend.

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