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Getting Go

In the 2014 Queer film Getting Go: The Go Doc Project, soon to graduate university student Doc is obsessed with a local Go Go Boy. In a drunken moment Doc sends Go an email, inviting him to be a participant in a documentary film. When Go responds positively to the idea, Doc faces the real trauma of meeting and coming to know the crush he’s been too scared to speak to.


I watched this film on Saturday afternoon as an escape from writing my current novel. I’d bought the DVD from Amazon a while ago and hadn’t gotten around to watching it. I have to say, I only bought it because I was one short of a discount on my postage and thought “Well, how bad can it be?”

Given most of that batch of films were destined for the one-watch-wonder drawer at home, I didn’t have a huge amount of confidence in my choice, which is why it sat in a cupboard for about six months.

I’m so glad I gave the film a chance on Saturday. I absolutely loved it. The relationship between film maker and subject progresses beautifully, and the homage to the works of Andy Warhol are obvious to see.


What saves this film from being an examination of narcissism are the two leads; Tanner Cohen – best known for his role as Timothy in Were the World Mine ( a personal favourite of mine) – and New York Go Go Dancer and Artist Matthew Camp. Understated performances that dance close to the line of narcissism but never manage to cross it.

Both Cohen and Camp have an amazing natural chemistry that helped to elevate the film as well and I admit I was surprised by how mesmerising their on-screen relationship was.

Getting Go: The Go Doc Project has been relegated from the one-watch-wonder drawer to the cabinet in which I store my favourite films, and I have no doubt that I will watch it many times in the coming years. Like the previously mentioned Were the World Mine, this film is firmly entrenched as one of my favourite queer movies of recent times.


While the subject matter of obsession and beauty could be rather trite – and in less accomplished hands probably would have been – writer and director Cory Krueckberg has created a film both current and timeless in it’s explorations.

Getting Go: The Go Doc Project is released on DVD by Wolfe Video and can be purchased on Amazon, at least that’s where I bought it.

Disclaimer: This film does contain nudity and gay sex.

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