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If all goes according to the Weather Fairy’s plan today, Adelaide will become the hottest city in the world, with an expected top of 46 degree’s Celsius. It’s currently heading for a top of 31 degree’s here today and that’s more than hot enough thank you very much. Some people love the heat, others the cold. Me, I’m hate them both to be honest, but at least when it’s cold you can pile on clothes to warm up.

Today I had plans to go to see the movie “Saving Mr Banks”. I adore Emma Thompson and the reviews have been spectacular. Instead it appears I’m going to “Saving Mr Tooth” starring my dentist, a mouth full of drugs and some clove based toothache remedy that has burnt the corner of my mouth and made my tongue go numb.

So seeing as today is a wash out and I’ve got the poops, I thought a bit of exposure for someone else’s creativity was called for. Here are a couple of videos I  saw on YouTube recently that I enjoyed;


This is episode 1 of a new web series called Story Tellers. Not bad, the 1st episode is pretty much the weakest. Give it a shot though. I watched all the available episodes back to back yesterday and it definitely gets better as the episodes progress.

And here’s Cinder Fella, purely because I liked the concept and it’s a fun clip


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