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Walking On Sunshine

So I have a fear of heights. I can’t climb a ladder and whenever I look out a plane window I start to shake just a little at the thought of all that nothing directly under my feet. Well after the luggage and whatever the hell is in the body of the plane. But still, all that nothing. Right there. So you can imagine how much the idea of being like the person in the above picture turns me on.

I like to have something under my feet. Even in the flights of fancy that take control of my mind sometimes. The fantasy’s and the dreams, they always have a basis, no matter how slight in reality. I don’t like being a rebel. It’s never really gone with the middle-aged Librarian look I’ve been wearing for years.

When it comes to causeless rebels with a chip on their shoulder, I’ll leave it to the likes of James Dean, who frankly was way better as a Rebel Without a Cause than I could ever hope to be. Not too mention he was absolutely gorgeous.

Yesterday, I sat down and worked out my first Goal. It’s basically finishing off one I’d started earlier. I realised yesterday that in the 7 weeks or so since I lost my job I’ve put on 12 kilos. This means I’m now back over 100 kilos. Given I now have 21 kilos too lose, I’ve set a goal of a kilo a week, which will will get me to my goal weight by Christmas.

Bodytrim, exercise, water, no coffee, no cola, no carbs.

Sounds like a blast really.

No point to this post, and frankly I’ve struggled with it, deleting it several times and changing topics twice.

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