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New Zealand or Bust!

New Zealand, land of the Hobbits and the realisation of my long held dream of travelling outside the borders of Australia.

In August 2012 I turned 39. It was a great day, but it was also a major wake up call for me. At 29 I promised myself a lot of things before I turned 30. None of them eventuated. At 35 I made myself some more promises, one of them an overseas holiday before I turned 40. In August of 2012 I realised 40 was literally the next hill and I was still drunk, still living at my parents place and still flat broke.

In August I quit drinking, for what originally was for a year but as the time has gone on has been decided will pretty much be forever unless I have a reason to drink. Frankly I can’t find a reason yet and I have to admit I’m not really looking all that hard.

There have been some massive changes in my life since I quit drinking. The main one being my finances. I hadn’t realised how much of my money went on booze, or crap I bought drunk online. In the time since I quit drinking my credit card, once the bane of my life, has gone from being nearly 4 grand over its limit to being a substantial amount under it’s limit.

Today I was looking at various websites, and realised it’s now or never. In conjunction with the reason behind yesterday’s post, I realised there was no more putting off or worrying about going on holiday on my own.

So long story short, I booked a return flight with QANTAS to Auckland for July this year. I’ll have honoured the promise I made to myself to go overseas before I turn 40. Only just – I’ll arrive back in Australia on August 1st and turn 40 on August 2nd – but I’ll have done it.

The energy I feel around me at the moment is akin to the ridiculous excitement of a puppy when strangers come to visit. I feel like I should be running around the backyard yapping and jumping up and down, just in case I piddle on the rug.

I also realised after I booked the trip, this will be 1st holiday I’ve ever taken, beyond a weekend in Melbourne nearly 2 years ago. I’ve never been overseas, I’ve never been on holiday. There are a lot of “never been’s” in my life and I plan on tackling them head on, one at a time until there are no more regrets, just a life of memories.

Going overseas is something I’ve dreamt of but never truly believed I could do. The idea was lovely in theory but it terrified the life out of me. Having booked the tickets today I’m scared shitless. Excited, but terrified. I’m embracing that fear.

Whenever I feel like this I tend to run away and hide. Eventually the fear – and the opportunity – fade from view and I stay in my happy little hamster cage of; work, home, sleep, repeat forever.

I have discussed my application of The Secret. I have discussed how Project2013 is all about honouring myself, my goals and my life. Booking a trip to NZ may not appear to be much of an application of The Secret but I tell you it is.

I felt the vibe, I ignored the vibe, I heard it again. I ignored it again. I’ve ignored it since January 1st. Today  I heard it, felt it. It was like some form of universal energy tore through my blood stream and I couldn’t do anything but listen to it and act on it.

I acted. And I’ve got the chance to be able to look back and say “well I’ve done that now”. This is my first trip, and the first time in a long time I’ve put positive action behind my vibes.

I can’t wait to find out what I need to do to get to NZ. I can’t wait until the afternoon of July 18th when I step off that plane and find myself in a new land. I can’t wait to breath the air of another country. I know it will be no different to the air here, but for me, it will be amazing.

I can’t wait to see what this adventure has in store for me. 2 years ago I went to Melbourne on an impulse to see the Tutankhamen exhibition. It wasn’t anything much to anyone else, but it was an eye-opening experience for me. It was a moment I’ll never forget. I got utterly lost trying to find the museum – Google maps hates me – and had a ball wandering around the streets, no idea where the hell I was until I found it.

I forgot that joy shortly after returning to the day to day grind. I’ll have to remember it this time. Feeling the fear and doing something anyway is the only way to push yourself out of your rut.

I guess the purpose of this post is to simply announce “Get ready NZ, I’m coming to visit. Put the kettle on, I’ll bring a date loaf.”



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