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Visions with Flavour

Last Sunday I watched The Secret on DVD. As I wrote last weekend, it’s a tradition of mine to watch the DVD on the day before returning to work after holidays. Usually, that’s where it ends, but this year I decided to make The Law of Attraction part of my Project 2013 attempt to get my life on a new and more interesting track.

One of the idea’s in the DVD that has always intrigued me is “The Vision Board.” As I wrote previously my room is small, already over-stuffed and suffocating. I don’t have the space to put a Vision Board, let alone to create one that is readily available to be viewed at all times.

Given the move to the digital age, with pretty much 90% of our lives are spent on a computer, I was trying to figure out a way to combine the Vision Board and where I spend most of my time. I gave it little thought and let it go. About an hour later I remembered I had a pinterest site. A friend of mine had told me I absolutely had to have one a while ago, so I signed up, but frankly I had no idea what to use it for so I just left it.

Pinterest enables internet users to post images to a virtual cork board. You can download a button to your web browser that allows you to pin pretty much any picture on the internet to your own personal board. And, you can  create boards to follow themes.

So I decided to set up a virtual “Vision Board” or a series of them to be honest. A Vision Board for each of the goals I aim to achieve through using the Law of Attraction. Vision Boards are not something I’ve used before, so I have absolutely no experience with them, or whether they work or not.

One year a while ago I had a “Vision Jar” which turned out to be a great place to store snippets from magazine but I don’t know that it was too successful. Clipping images from magazines and putting them in an old Milo tin didn’t really keep them as a focal point I guess.

So I’m setting up a Vision Board on Pinterest and that way, so long as I have an internet connection and a spare 5 minutes a day I will be able to bring the board up and study the images, building the energy behind the goals each day. I figure it’s an easy way to keep the goals at the front of my mind so to speak.

Being pretty much a big novice at the Law of Attraction – despite some fairly interesting experiences I detailed in the previous post – I’m not sure how it all works, or whether you can spend energy focusing on more than 1 idea at a time. I suppose it works better pouring all your energy into 1 main goal, but I know myself well enough to know that if I do that for too long I’ll get bored, or distracted.

During The Secret, Jack Canfield, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul talks about the time he worked with E.Clement Stone. Clement Stone was the man who introduced the Law of Attraction to Jack Canfield. In his interview on the DVD he told the story of how E.Clement Stone had advised him to set a goal so out there that if it happened Jack Canfield would know it had to be because of the Law of Attraction.

The segment details how he set the intention of earning $100,000 in income in 1 year. Canfield tells that at the time he was earning $8,000 a year and had absolutely no idea how on earth he could earn $100,000 but that was the intention he set.

Long story short he earned something like $98,000 that year and his belief in the Law of Attraction was set in stone.

I’ve been trying to figure out what goal to set. I have several in mind, all of them goals I would kill for. Some are grand, some are just basic little things. But all have one thing in common. I burn for them. I want these things more than anything else in my life.

Funnily enough they’re all to do with creative fulfillment or financial freedom. I recently wrote a post about Project 1 for Project 2013. Redecorating my bedroom and reclaiming the space as mine. I was sitting on the bed last night, scanning the room, the overflowing bookshelves, the drawers wedged shut with “stuff” and trying to figure out where to do start.

As I was doing that I thought to myself “all I want is to own my home.” At my age I should already own my own home, but I don’t and the reasons are already well documented so I’m not going to chew old soup again. It was then that I had a thought “If the Law of Attraction can work for Jack Canfield and provide his intention, despite him having absolutely no idea how he could do it, then could it work the same for me? If Jack Canfield can manifest nearly $100,000 in a year could I manifest own my home, not a rental, but a home I own?

If I was able to manifest owning my own home by Christmas this year it would be proof positive for me that the Law of Attraction works. Debt wise I have a credit card that is finally going in the right direction, but I have a fixed income and absolutely zero savings. Since the global financial crisis borrowing money in Australia is harder than every, with a minimum 20% deposit required to obtain a mortgage – at least from the research I’ve done – and given house prices in Australia that equates to tens of thousands of dollars.

I have absolutely no idea how I would own my own home. None at all. I was talking to my mother the other day – not about this, but something else altogether – and she said “you’d need to win the lotto or find a miracle.”

The key to Jack Canfield’s success was to have no expectations of how he would achieve his goal, to simply belief it would happen and to act on the impulses the universe provides.

I guess the point to this post is that for me to manifest my desire I need to let go of being control. I always worry about things outside of my control. What I need to do is set an intention, let go of the “how” and simply work on pouring the energy into my belief that the goal has already manifested itself.

My first – and it won’t be my last – goal that I am going to use in this experiment is to own my own home and be living in it by Christmas 2013, so that my annual Boxing Day Hoot’N’Nanny is held in my own backyard.

I have no idea how I’m going to do. I have absolutely no plans in place, no deposit or savings, but if I can do this, I will know without a doubt I can do anything I set my mind too.

I had considered not making the intention public – i.e. not posting it in here – but that seemed disingenuous to me. It seemed like I was saying to the universe “I’ll try this but I won’t say anything because I don’t want to look like a fool if I’m wrong.”

To me that was as close to saying “Well, I’ll do this but I have no faith it will occur so there you have it.”

So I made the decision last night to post about my intentions here in this blog. I decided to follow the impulses and nudges I get. I decided to create a virtual vision board on Pinterest focused on owning my own home, to develop a sense of ownership. The house, the furniture, the style, the sense of my own piece of paradise. The Great Australian Dream.

My theory is, if you’re going to do this you may as well DO IT. The DVD suggests manifesting an intention of a cup of coffee to start with, to start with something small. If I want coffee I’ve got a kettle upstairs. What I want is a home of my own. My intention is to manifest a home of my own into reality.

Let’s see what happens.

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