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Indie Spotlight – It Remains

This is a first for the Indie Spotlight Series, in that the link to the Kickstarter campaign was actually tweeted to me mid way through last week. The Indie Spotlight Series is starting to gain a little traction and is usually the highest read post at Writing in Shadows each week. Anyway since this was sent to me it appears to have reached it’s budget goals which is awesome, but as independent film makers – or fans – know every extra dollar helps. Here is what Kent Boyd has to say about It Remains.

Disclaimer: Please note that as far as I can see all “Pledge Packages” are only available for delivery within US only.

Be a sponsor for the short film It Remains, a visual story inspired by true events told through music and dance. When you donate, you receive exclusive rewards and opportunities.  It takes a village to raise a child.  This is our baby.  Every dollar counts.

The Story

Reckless love can be beautiful yet dangerous.  A young man embarks on a journey of innocent romance, discovery, and desperation to be loved.  Time stops when he gets stuck in a moment, unable to express how he feels in real time.  These moments are soon revealed to his love interest, but it is not enough for her.  What happens when you becomes so addicted to the idea of love that you lose part of yourself? How will you choose to take what remains from lost love, and love again?

The Vision 

As a dancer, expression through movement has always been the way that I cope and understand life.  This is a personal story of mine I want to share, along with the message of hope and recovery after heartbreak and tragedy.  It is told entirely through music and dance.  No words.  Following the creation of this video, we will screen this short film and showcase the work of other artists for a live multimedia production in January 2013.  This is us creating opportunities to collaborate as dancers, actors, filmmakers, and musicians all in one show.

How you can help

I need your help!  My super talented team and I have the challenge of shooting this film before the end of the year, and we all expect nothing less than quality and perfection.  There is a lot that goes into creating a work of art — renting lights and cameras, shooting in several locations, a director, crew, food, water, etc.  You can help us by making a donation (any amount helps!) and become a sponsor to our project.

We want this film to be beautiful and impactful, as a result of having resources that will do the message justice.  And then create a unique experience to screen our film (along with other short films) and collaborate with more performers. Support the arts!  Dancing and acting have brought me so much joy, and I want to spread that joy across the world!  I just want to inspire people to love harder.  I’ve been blessed with an artistic platform from being on So You Think You Can Dance, which transformed me from a small-town kid in Ohio to a man who wants to create and inspire through light and love.  Please join me in this great adventure!

Special thanks to the following for the making of our promo video…

Editor and Cinematographer- Chrissie Akau @chrissieisakau

Director- Joey Haro @itsjoeyharo

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

This is my first time creating a film and I have assembled an amazing team of talented and diverse professionals, whose skills I want to honor by paying them a rate worth their time and dedication to this project. The challenge will be to raise enough funds to cover all the costs we budget for. As always, there are challenges when it comes to production — i.e. paying for overtime when renting locations and equipment. We hope to raise above and beyond our set goal so that we can also easily fulfill our rewards in a timely manner.

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