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My Week in a Nutshell 7

It’s been a quiet week on the western front this week, but I guess we’ll give another week in a nutshell a go. Possibly these quiet weeks will inspire me to do something with my time other than commute, sleep and work in order to give these posts some much needed excitement.

Real Life/Work Life:

My real life and my work life sections get absorbed this week into one. Why? Only one of them truly existed this week. Work. Bane of my existence at times. Tomorrow I will complete my second project in 11 working days. Usually I get 20 days to complete one project. It’s been insane trying to secure the speakers I need to allow this project to go live without gaps in the program. Come tomorrow I’ve got to sign it off complete speaker list or not. I’ve got an insert deadline for the program to be inserted into a magazine.It’s not usually this insane at work, but in order to get both my past two programs into the magazines in time I’ve got a ridiculous amount of work to achieve in a ridiculously short time. I told the boss I’m never doing this again on Friday. He just smiled at me. He knows I’ll do it again if I have, just as I do.

Reel Life:

Seriously disappointed I didn’t get to watch a movie this week. I had planned to watch the animated movie Rio last night but instead I dozed off at 8:30/9:00pm and didn’t move again until this morning. I’ll aim to watch it for next week though. It looks like a good movie. I know animated movies are meant for kids, but my inner child still loves watching them.

Online Life:

I found myself concerned I wasn’t writing here much during the week. There are times when I feel I should be writing everyday. It’s what I used to do when I had my last blog on Live Journal. Anyone remember that? But I realised during the week, that while writing in shadows is about my creative recovery, it’s really not about the amount of self abusive emo crap I used to write in my late teens/early twenties. Writing in Shadows is about a journey, not an endless path of “why me” and “poo to you”. I’d rather update 2 or 3 times a week – outside of the regular weekly columns – with answers to questions I’ve come up with, then to post 100 posts a week whinging like a tired child who can’t have any sweets. So I decided that I probably post enough here. My readership is growing every week, as are my retweets, followers and pingbacks. I’ve come to understand the only way to increase readership on here isn’t to fill it with random nonsense but to increase it’s value. And you can only do that step by step. A fantastic lesson for someone like me, who wants everything yesterday. Patience.

Writers Life:

I wrote a post yesterday that sums up my writers life so I’m not going to rehash it here. Instead I’ll give you the link to Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone it talks about writing erotica and an internal conversation I had with my pompous inner editor. Check it out and leave a comment if you like it. Or like it if you like it. Either way works. One decision I made in relation to my erotica is that I hate writing in 1st person. It’s a bitch. All power to the people who can pull that style off but I find it too limiting.


Well this has been a bust this week. No idea why but I lost nothing. So this coming week I’m off to do a no carb week again, just to kickstart my weight loss. So still 10 kilo’s to lose but that’s ok. A carb free week may be the most boring eating on the planet – I need to figure out what else to eat besides salads – but it is a good cleanse. Not to mention it helps to shed those kilo’s fast.



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