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Indie Spotlight – Happy & Clean


This week’s Indie Spotlight features Australian web comedy series Happy & Clean, brought to you by Con the barber, from Enmore Sydney.

When I decided to launch a regular Indie Spotlight post here at Writing in Shadows, I thought it would be easy. Find an independent movie, book, music or web project, post it and let the word get out. What I hadn’t considered was how many high quality and valuable independent projects there would be to choose from.

I selected Happy & Clean this morning based on the video. If you can make me laugh in such a short time period, there’s got to be something in the idea. The synopsis for Happy & Clean caught my eye and from there it was an easy decision to make today.

Marty Murphy, failed Australian comedian says it best;

Live from New York, and his Indiegogo campaign page, Marty gives us an insight into the adventure to be had in New York City in 2013.


When failed Australian Comedian Marty Murphy chokes on a New York hotdog, he makes a deal with Death to stay alive and make a hit talk show.



Happy & Clean is a surreal comedy web series about the making of a no-budget talk show made by Australian Comedian Marty Murphy, a monster named Denzel Truffaut and the Grim Reaper. The eight episodes will be shot on location in New York City in early 2013 and will include a series of six full interviews with International Celebrities.”

For further information or to make a contribution to Marty’s destiny with a New York City Hotdog, go to the Happy & Clean campaign page.

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