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Indie Spotlight – Friend Film

This week’s independent artist spotlight is the for the Friend Film project, directed by Eric London, the director of the absolutely beautiful The Wedding Dance, a short film I’ve already posted in here a while back.

The Friend Film project is about 2 teenagers in America growing up gay and transexual. I think the Indiegogo page says it best:

” Meet Joseph and Ali

FRIEND is the story of two teenagers experiencing the trials and tribulations of growing up gay and transgendered small town America. After an original script writing, Director Elliot London spent three months searching across the country for the stories of present day struggles in the LGBT teen community. Along the way Elliot met two incredible young adults who helped me bring a new life to the characters I had previously developed. They inspired him to tell some of their stories. It was through them that he learned what it is like to be an LGBT youth in 2012. Joseph and Ali have become such an important aspect of the FRIEND Film that we have invited them to be creative liaisons for the project. It is because of them that we will be able to re-tell the often-overlooked American story.

FRIEND is a film that is not written by a bunch of writers in a Hollywood room, but rather by the very own kids we see at the end of our streets.

The story follows the life of two seniors in high school, Brad and Alejandro. Their lives are ones we can relate to; Brad, a straight A student, active with the school’s football team, the definition of your typical all-American male teenager. Alejandro, a good student, artistic, stays clear of petty school politics; a definable hipster finding his place in the world.

The two meet as juniors, and the sparks rapidly see the two teens to becoming a couple. Everything about the relationship follows its natural course, until Brad begins to face the suppressed doubts about his gender identity. The film takes a journey of self-discovery, bullying, and acceptance.”

Here from one of the stars of the film, Allie in this YouTube video:

The Friend Film Indiegogo Campaign page lists some great perks for those able to donate to this film.

Given the amount of coverage at the moment on bullying of GLBT youth, and also the devastating consequences highlighted by the suicides that inspired the It Get’s Better Campaign, the Friend Film project is one that deserves not only your attention, but the attention of teenagers across the world.

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