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I took this picture on my iPad coming home from work the other night.

It’s Thursday night and the week is drawing to one of my favourite days; Friday.

Not only because it’s the end of the working week but because Friday night has always been “party” night for me. Lately the party is usually me and a block of chocolate, watching a movie and going to bed early, but still the sense of excitement that “it’s Friday” remains.

An unusual thing happened on the way home. I was sitting on the train and happened to look up and out the window. The view I saw was the same as the one above. I had been reading an eBook on my Kindle and was glanced up to see where I was on the journey home.

There is something about that particular view that makes me feel like the working day is done. It’s the moment on the commute where I relax, and know I’ll be home in about twenty minutes. It’s a view that inspires me and allows me for a moment to imagine a world where all the dreams I carry have been achieved.

Tonight the view inspired me. Not in a “sit down and write a novel in the commercial breaks of crappy TV” but in a way that made me feel anything and everything is possible, if I let it happen.

It was like being hugged – if that makes any sense what so ever – being told it was all going to come out in the wash and everything would be as it was supposed to be if I just gave it a little bit of faith.

Earlier this week Felix Baumgartner secured his place in history by setting the world record in Sky Diving, jumping 39 kilometres and breaking the sound barrier. The faith he must have had in himself and his team is amazing. When I first heard it was being televised I refused to watch it.

Not only am I the type of person who can’t climb above 3 rungs on a ladder without shaking and needing someone to come save me, I refused to watch in case he failed at the attempt. When I had heard he made it safely back to Earth, then I watched the replay and still felt my heart rise up into my throat and tears well in my eyes as I heard his friends and family cheering at his success.

That is the image that will stay with me forever. Seeing him standing there, leaning forward and letting himself fall. What an amazing level of faith he had.

People often talking about leaping and the net will appear. I wonder if he was wishing there was a net somewhere. But he made the leap anyway, and he went down in history, a record that really can never be broken. Equaled perhaps but never beaten.

I find people like Felix Baumgartner an inspiration. Not enough to make me want to jump out of a capsule – or climb a ladder – but they are the very definition of allowing their faith in themselves to propel them to the place where they have achieved something they always dreamt of.

The more I write in Writing in Shadows, the more I read other people’s blogs about creativity and reigniting the fire inside themselves to live a creative life, the more I feel the inspiration starting to stir beneath my skin.

I guess the point to this post is you don’t need to do something like Felix Baumgartner to ensure you reach your goals – although if you want to jump out of a capsule by all means have at it.

Taking inspiration wherever it comes and turning that energy into something worthwhile.

I guess what this creative recovery thing is all about is simplyTrust.

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