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Sick Days and Monday’s

So I’ve got a migraine, although frankly I think at this point we can successful down grade it from “please god kill me know” to “alright, when is this going to bugger off”. It’s still hurting, my eyes – at least my right one – is still blurry and I’m still fighting the urge to sleep.

I hate taking time off work. It annoys me. It means tomorrow is going to be a nightmare. I remember when waking up with a sore finger nail was an excuse to take a day off. But as my life has grown, and my career along with it, I don’t feel comfortable having sick days off work.

I’m supposed to be setting an example for the people who report to me. It doesn’t help that the minute anyone at work has a “migraine” everyone automatically assumes they’re just hung over. I never took days off when I was hungover. That was my punishment for being stupid enough to drink on a school night.

I wish at times my brain would just stop you know. Anyone else would be lying in a dark room, wishing death and destruction on the chirpy little bird that lives in the tree outside my window. Me, no such luck. I’m exhausted, I want to sleep and what am I doing? Lying on the bed thinking of story ideas. One’s for my novel, ones for possible erotica and a film idea about an American Reality TV star who comes to Sydney to find out what happened to her college best friend, who is found dead at the bottom of The Gap.

Yep, I’ve come up with a whole new idea. Precious ain’t I.

I can’t really follow my thoughts from one end to the other either for that matter. Still I’m going to put my little blurb up here so I don’t lose it. After discovering the destruction of my idea’s notebook last week, I’m not really all that trusting I won’t accidentally throw this out as well.

Untitled Outline by Moi:

” Rachael Finch has it all, her reality TV show has just been picked up for a second season, and her hit daytime cooking show is the number rated television show on the Food Network.  Rachael is on the move from D list to C list and nothing is going to get in her way.

When a midnight voice mail from her best friend at college Steve Watts suggests Steve is in trouble Rachael a attempts o reach him, but is unsuccessful. When Steve’s body is found at the foot of a notorious suicide point in Sydney, and his death marked as suicide it is up to Rachael to uncover the truth about Steve’s death.

Rachael boards a plane from LA to Sydney, bringing along her ever present “Momager” former fashion model Martha Staples and together they take on the Sydney gay scene to find out what happened to Steve A.K.A Drag performer Paris Neekers.”

Feel free to let me know what you think. It’s supposed to be a screwball/mystery/comedy.


  1. runningonsober says

    Sounds like that could be a lot of fun! The outline, not the migraines (ick, sorry about those… They’re horrid!).

    I can see a reality cooking star and a model getting into all sorts of scenarios where both their traits would and could come in handy. A small nitpick, and possibly not a big deal, but we have a big Reality Cooking Star type girl here in the States, Rachael Ray. It could be tendency for readers to project their thoughts of RR onto RF. That could be your intention or an unplanned consequence, but figured I’d throw it out there.

    Hope your head feels better soon. -christy

    • writinginshadows says

      Oh poop I forgot all about Rachel Ray. She’s so annoyingly perky, so not the character I thought of when I came up with the idea lol. I’m going unplanned consequence with that one lol. Glad you liked the idea, now all I have to do is actually write it.

      This migraine has been a pain but it’s seemingly starting to fade which can only be a good thing. I’m hoping to be back to full speed tomorrow. I can’t afford another day lying on the bed and wishing I had a new head.


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