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My Week In A Nutshell 5


Five weeks in and I’m still writing about week’s crammed into a nutshell. It’s been a great week in my world, although I frankly wish the Weather Fairy would come back from vacation. The Easter Bunny is not doing a good job of turning an Australian Spring into Summer. Excellent work at turning us back to Winter though.

Real Life:

I am old enough to remember working before the internet. It was how we did it when I first started working. Faxes, phone calls, yellow pages. All the delights of the stone-age. This week I got to revisit those days. I can’t say it was at all awesome. Our ADSL line at work was disconnected in error by our telephone company. To say it was painful is a pitiful use of descriptive ability. I ended up going to the local Telstra store and buying a handful of WI-FI broadband USB sticks so my staff could do something. Given that everything from our printer, to our servers to our access to the outside world is tied up in the ADSL line, the staff struggled to complete their jobs.

When the ADSL line was finally fixed on Friday morning, it was cause for celebration. It’s doesn’t help that while I’m supposed to be producing 2 events simultaneously I managed to lose my entire outlook box – both in and sent. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I’ve got a program that ground to a halt last week that needs to be finished by Tuesday. It’s not going to be pleasant at all. Still, one of my producers managed to finish his conference, and it’s an excellent piece of work.

Reel Life:

I watched Sucker Punch last night. Visually it was a spectacular film, and although I spent most of it trying to figure out what the hell was going on, it certainly held your interest. Particularly given you never knew exactly into which fantasy the lead character Baby Doll’s dance would take you. I wouldn’t recommend it if you want a light-hearted, easy to watch and understand comedic romp, but as a film exploring the boundaries of film making with a lot of kick-ass action sequences it was highly enjoyable. I’d give it 3 nuts out of 5.

Online Life:

Mostly this week really was a return to 1999. Most of my online life occurs via work. When I get home at night I’m usually too exhausted to do much beyond tweet my wondrous intelligence on twitter, or check which photo’s have been shared on my Facebook Time Line. I did create a blog post during the week, two in fact. I also launched a new weekly feature the “Indie Spotlight” which will see an Indiegogo or KickStarter campaign featured each week. Writing in Shadows is about creative recovery and taking risks, and it felt like a natural continuation of that theme to highlight artists who have taken the step to be creatively independent. The first post on Australian Country Singer Liam Brew was picked up my the Indie Music Bus newspaper which was awesome to see.

Creative Recovery:

NaNoWriMo draws ever closer and of course, living up to the motto of “do it now or you’ll get distracted by another idea” that seems to be the bane of my life, I’ve started toying around with another idea. I really do wonder if the constant movement from one idea to another is designed purely to keep me trapped in place, doing nothing at all. One of my recent posts Jumping on the Bandwagon has consistently been one of my most read pieces since it went up on October 6th. It’s key word tagged with erotica. I had no idea how many people searched for erotica on this platform. Given I’ve often threatened to write a saucy bit of Queerotica, one of the story lines I had in mind for it has drifted to the surface. I doubt it would be a 60,000 word piece but all in all, I’ve got 3 idea’s for short stories, and I’m considering writing one of those.

I’m also still focused on writing Divinity Inc. There’s another blog piece coming about a realisation I had the other day centering on Divinity Inc, so I’ll leave that for now.


Still sober, still doing good, still taking it day by day. Really that’s about all I can say here. Not because I’m playing mysterious, but because there’s really not a lot to say about it. I wrote a piece yesterday in my other blog Living Sober about Being Authentic, feel free to have a read of it if you like. It’s about marrying a sober life and a social life. Not something I have yet mastered, or even begun to figured out.


I managed to lose another kilo this week, although frankly I can’t for the life of me see where. Still unless the scales are lying to me – and I usually only claim that when they tell me I’ve put on weight – another kilo has gone to fat heaven. So my goal of 9 kilos in the first month has been achieved. I’m pleased with that. It’s nice to set a goal and actually achieve it. I’m frankly sick of salad though. That said, I do need to start exercising, or I’m going to end up looking like I’m wearing a tummy skirt. My body doesn’t shrink the same way it did when I was younger. It’s going to take exercise to shift this saggy belly. I can’t tell you how excited the thought of exercise is to me. I’d rather eat a Paddle Pop.

Wrap Up:

So that was My Week in a Nutshell Part 5. It’s been a busy week, where frankly I felt like I got nothing done. Granted I did get a whole list of topics generated for future blog posts, uncovered the answer to unlocking Divinity Inc – more on that later – and achieved my Month 1 goal of losing 9 kilos. All in all not a bad week really. Actually it was a pretty cool week all things considered.


  1. runningonsober says

    Sucker Punch… I remember the music rocked, but the movie was pretty far out there. Lots of action and eye candy. I’d probably give it 3 out of 5 also. 🙂

    Glad you had a pretty good week and glad you’re staying sober (I’ll check out your other blog too.) Some weeks that’s what it’s really about- just enjoying life as best you can and trying to stay healthy… Good luck with your writing project! Have a good week!

    • writinginshadows says

      The music was awesome, even for a gay guy the eye candy was definitely worth looking at lol. The week has been good so far I have to say, even if a bit grown up lol. I need to let my hair down – metaphorically speaking seeing as nature decided I should have a natural friar tuck haircut – and do something crazy, like stay up past 10pm! I know, way too crazy for a first attempt. I should take baby steps. Hope you’re week was awesome. Thanks for the good luck wishes on the writing project. I’m sure I’ll be boring every senseless with discussions about it in Writing in Shadows, that’s what the blog was born for after all. Have a great week.

      • runningonsober says

        Haha, you’re staging your own Vigil! (Not sure if you saw my Words post today- the poem was basically about living at night when the rest of the world is asleep.)

        I shall look forward to your discussions. And to browsing both your blogs a little more in the coming days (I apologize for being remiss in that area.)

        And yes, thanks, I had a pretty awesome week. Not too high, not too low… just a nice level week.

        Okay you crazy kid- don’t stay up too late and don’t be a stranger. Take care 😉

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