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Drum Roll Please……

So I’ve been thinking about ways to make this blog about more than just me and my creative recovery. While that is the main focus of the blog and will probably remain so, I wanted to create some new content to keep the blog fresh and useful.

I’m a huge supported of Indie-art. I’m a self published author with 10’s of sales to my credit, with my first eBook Visualised Meditations for Busy People available on both iTunes and Amazon.

I’m working on an independent web series called Fabulous Me and am also writing short films that I plan on independently producing.

Not to mention I’m up to my eyeballs in planning my first eBook novel which I’ve tentatively got scheduled to hit Amazon by August 2013.

I decided that as a huge supporter of Independently produced art, I’m going to start a Spotlight Series of posts, where once a week I’m going to post about an independent art project I see on Indiegogo or Kick Starter or that I come across via twitter.

I have the first one planned, and the Spotlight on Independent Artist’s posts will begin from this coming Saturday,

I’m also going to keep my thinking bonnet on to come up with other regular post ideas, but I think between my random updates, my week’s in a Nutshell and now my Spotlight Series Writing in Shadows has enough content to keep us all busy for plenty of nights to come.

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47-year-old Australian Horror and Suspense author currently working on a planned 7 book series loosely based on the 7 Deadly Sins; The Sin-Eater Collective. Book 1, Confession, available now exclusively on Amazon. Book 2, In His Words, coming March 27, 2021 - Available now for Pre-Order. When I'm not producing commercial conferences by day or writing horror and suspense by night, I can be found making a mess in the kitchen and turning delicious ingredients into crimes against humanity.

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