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My Week in a Nutshell 4: Citizens on Patrol

What a week it’s been in my world. Well, it’s been a week. That’s a good place to start right?

Real Life:

Work. The bane of my existence, the reason I drag myself out of bed at 5am and commute for 90 minutes to the big smoke each day. In my past life I used to produce a 1 day road show to be held in 3 locations in 20 days. I did nothing but complain about the stress. This week I’ve been simultaneously producing 2 road shows, 5 locations and I’ll have a total of 12 days to do it. Still, the events are shaping up well, and I know my boss well enough to know this is another of his magic tests to see what his Conference Director is capable of. Frankly I’d prefer it if he just asked, but that’s not really his way of doing things.

Online World:

I noticed recently that my blog posts all seem to tag out at around 1000 words each. They’re long. They seem to stream down the page in a never-ending waterfall of words. Short sentences. Lots of them. Someone left me a comment on a post recently that mentioned putting a cut into the text. I had no idea I could even do that. I decided this weekend to revamp Writing in Shadows and went in search of how to put the tag/cut in place. I figured it out.

Once that was done I decided to celebrate the new URL I’d bought for the blog with a revamp. I created categories, I changed the theme. I’m still not 100% certain the theme is correct but I do like the new look. All in all it was a bit of an Artist’s Date to spend a couple of hours editing all 40 posts in the blog. I got a bit of a thrill when I realised I was closing in on 1000 views on the blog. I think I’ll have a celebration when I reach the magic number.

Reel Life:

I watched Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion and Zoolander last night.Two blast from the past films I’ve not seen in nearly a decade but that I loved. I was so pleased they stood up to the test of time. That’s the danger with watching movies you loved when you were younger. Sometimes they just don’t stand up. I had that happen recently with a film I adored as a young teenager.

Creative Recovery:

NaNoWriMo preparation continues in a fits and starts sort of way. The characters are strong and ready to go. The step outline is almost in place – except for about a quarter of the book smack bang in the middle. I’ll figure it out. I know it’s all about a son being true to himself and living up to the expectations of a father he never knew, and I know when he finally gets to meet his father. It’s all good really.

My short film Butterfly is doing well. Typical of me, I’m thinking of writing it into a novella format as well. Turning it into a short novel to sell on Amazon. My post yesterday talked about queer erotica and how it’s all glistening muscles and musky man scent. I don’t know that turning Butterfly into a rugby shorts ripper – is that the gay equivalent of a a bodice ripper? – is the right way to take the story, but I do think I’ve got enough “story” that’s left unexplored in the short film to write a successful eBook novella about first love.


I’ve still not given into the alcohol. I’m proud of that. I must say though that I’m glad there was none in the house yesterday. I really wanted a drink yesterday when it became obvious to myself that I was procrastinating and doing nothing. All afternoon I wanted a drink. Thought about drinking. Frankly I annoyed myself. I moped about like a wet sack. I felt sorry for myself. I thought it was mean that I couldn’t drink, despite the embargo on alcohol being placed by me. If it had been in the house, this could well be a whole different update. As it was, I eventually got sick of myself and went and watched Romy & Michelle and Zoolander. Quite frankly, that was a much better idea. I laughed until I was exhausted. I’m much happier having done that then I would have been if I’d given into the sulks and drank.


I don’t know why I’m chunky. When I put my mind too it, the weight comes off almost as easily as it goes on when I’m not paying attention. I guess I’m just lazy. I’m down another 1.5 kilos this week – damn you chocolate comfort muffin – which brings my total to 8 kilos. I don’t know if it’s noticeable, but I do know I’m fitting into my clothes again, without me looking like a condom stuffed with donuts and that’s a good thing. I’ve set a 1 kilo goal for this coming week. It would be great to reach 9 kilos in a month. I’ll let you know how it’s going.

Wrap up:

The week that’s been has been good. I think I need to start doing more than just working, writing and sleeping if these weekly nutshell’s are to continue. Otherwise I’ll have nothing to say in a week or two. I need a hobby.

What hobbies do you do? Leave a comment below about the hobbies you like to do in your spare time. Let’s see if I can get inspired


  1. runningonsober says

    Congrats on not giving into the drink cravings. That’s huge!

    Hobbies? Lately it’s been run, run, run. My marathon is less than a month away. I read a lot, browse quotes and poetry I enjoy, blog and write, I volunteer at the animal shelter, I cook… Those are the big ones lately. I used to enjoy painting and making individual greeting cards and book marks- that was always a fun hobby.

    Good luck with the writing project. Don’t be a stranger. -christy.

  2. Thanks Christy, I may need to quit smoking before I start running, Once I get to the goal weight quitting smoking is next. I have been thinking of doing an art class. I used to okay at drawing.

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