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Setting a Clear Intention

After writing the last post, I decided to do some mucking about to create a focus point for Young at Heart, my short film.

I came across a picture on Google that really summed up the storyline visually and decided to mock up a movie poster I can use during creative visualisation.

It’s just a bit of silliness, but I rather like it. As you can see from my poster, as a  designer I make an awesome writer, but it has a job to do and I think it will do it fine. What do you think of it?

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47-year-old Australian Horror and Suspense author currently working on a planned 7 book series loosely based on the 7 Deadly Sins; The Sin-Eater Collective. Book 1, Confession, available now exclusively on Amazon. Book 2, In His Words, coming March 27, 2021 - Available now for Pre-Order. When I'm not producing commercial conferences by day or writing horror and suspense by night, I can be found making a mess in the kitchen and turning delicious ingredients into crimes against humanity.

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