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Exposing Myself

So today I’ve been trying to figure out what direction I want to head in with my life, and more importantly, with my writing. I’ve been toying with a couple of ideas, and I thought I’d do a brain dump and get your opinions.

The first idea is a private detective novel series. The characters arrived in my world fully formed a few days ago, and while the story is still a little fluid, Rachel and her Diary Bitch Jack are fully formed and seem to be champing at the bit to get out of my mind and start solving mysteries in and around Sydney.

Another idea, I’ve actually had for a while. As is well documented, I procrastinate. I originally had this idea back during the global financial crisis. The characters in this one aren’t as structured or secure as Rachel and Jack are but the story line seems to be more solid.

The idea for the second idea Divinity Inc, came to me as I was sitting on the train one day coming home from work. I quickly typed it into phone notepad, and it’s been sitting there ever since. Occasionally I’ll get a new character pop in to say hello so my notes section on the phone is filling up with random story lines and characters for the series I am considering writing set on the Island Principality of Dallensford.

Here’s the blurb for Divinity Inc;

“For the God’s of Dallensford, Monday dawned with no indication it would be any different from any other during the past¬†millennium. Wake up at 9, make sure sun has risen, go about the day with a miracle here, a miracle there and if time permits maybe turn into a bull and seduce a fair maiden in the pasture. But life for the God’s of Dallensford isn’t all turning water into vodka and impregnating newly married virgins. The God’s have been outsourced and their roles have been taken over by Divinity Inc, for 25 cents a miracle and all the fish the can eat.

Simian Caldwell, level 3 traniee God is about discover, being a God is all well and good, but what is a God to do when he has to find a real job.”

Another idea is also set in Dallensford, but doesn’t so much deal with Simian and his journey to find meaning when you’re born to be a God. It centre’s around Ogus Blightnickle, the Prince of Dallensford. Struggling with a principality in debt, and a slowing economy he is attempting to reinvigorate Dallensford in the novel “Silver Tongue”.


“Ogus Blightnickle has come up with a way to introduce some much needed revenue into the Dallensford economy. He’s holding a pedigree dog show and everyone’s invited.

But what do you do when an entered Wolfhound turns out to be it’s own owner and a politely worded request to ensure the show is held on the night of the blood moon raises concerns amongst the citizens and the judges?

Silver prices are skyrocketing and the population of Dallensford is barricading themselves behind closed doors and nailing the doggy doors shut.

It’s not just glittery vampires you have to worry about when the dog show comes to town.”

I’m not 100% sure as yet which of the ideas I’ll follow up on. I like the three of them to be honest. This is part of my problem. Figuring out where to start when I want to write them all.

So what do you think?

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    Now that I’m drying out, I’m trying to figure out which writing project I want to take on. Here are 3 I posted in Writing in Shadows. Would love your feedback on which one you think sounds like more fun.

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