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Poetry of the Urban Jungle

Okay then, so before we get started let me begin by saying the title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with anything beyond the fact I really liked it.

I’ve spent the better part of today doing 3 things; Firstly, I’ve eaten chicken flavoured potato chips, secondly I’ve been working on an outline for the Short Film script I need to write for my course. Lastly, I’ve been drinking coffee. I’ve also been fluffing about on Facebook and Twitter but they’re not really involved in this post so lets just say I’ve been procrastinating.

In class last week our Screenwriting teacher wanted us to write a basic step outline. No details, just 1 + 1 + 1= a short film idea. Now this was where I came undone in my past idea. I had the 1+1’s but I had no idea how to make it fly.

This afternoon I dug out an old short story I wrote. It’s one that’s been around forever or so it seems. I wrote it when I was a young teenager. So Young at Heart has become the short idea I will write as a screenplay. I’m under no delusion it will be an Oscar winning short, hell I’m under no delusion it will ever see the light of day, beyond my class, but I like the story. It’s simple, it’s sweet and I think visually it will make an interesting writing exercise.

There’s minimal dialogue, but there is a whole lot that has to be shown to give the character a depth of life experience in a very short window of time. This afternoon I wrote the basic step outline. It doesn’t mean much to anyone but me, but it sums up the story prety well. It goes something like this;

  • Making tea & crumpets
  • Final credits on my stories
  • Views from a park
  • Dancing in the stars

I’ve got some idea’s and I’ve decided that I will spend this week working on them. I may not get the finished draft emailed to Tim this week – I don’t think I had to from memory – but I will have it in my sweaty, nervous writer hand come next Monday. Will it be good, will it be horrendous, will it be fit only to line a budgie cage, who knows.

I guess this short little update is more about ensuring I don’t find the excuses to procrastinate away my upcoming week, and ending the course no further along than I started it. See it’s easy to talk – and find excuses as to why this idea or that won’t work – but ensuring I actually do it is another thing altogether. I’m hoping that if desire doesn’t work, the ordeal of coming up with excuses to ward off a little public humiliation might 🙂

Besides, this post more than any other in this blog so far is about getting the first tentative scribbling’s down on paper so to speak. Sometimes, you just have to write your history don’t you.

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