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Every Tweet You Take


I’m totally craving cupcakes right now. Not sensible little 3 bites and they’re gone ones either. I want those massive American style cupcakes with enough icing to paint the house and it’s got to have sprinkles on. There’s no point to a cupcake unless it’s got sprinkles. Or a smiley face like the ones above. I found that picture on Google. I thought it was cute. It’s not helping my cupcake craving though.

Here in my little corner of Australia it is Friday night. It’s 9:46 pm and I’m in bed, in the dark, typing this post by the light of my lap top monitor. I remember a time in the not too distant past where 9:46 would be the time I’d be arriving at the club. Now I’m in bed, craving cupcakes and thinking how tomorrow I have so much to do.

This weekend Australia celebrates the birth of Queen Elizabeth II. I’m not sure why we hold it in June. From memory her birthday is actually in April. Either way, we get Monday off work and to that I say Long Live the Queen. I shall wear a Union Jack upon my person on Monday and sip a sherry while watching a Miss Marple Mystery in her honour.

Aging is an interesting thing. Well I’m not so sure it’s aging as it is being older then everyone around you. At work, all my staff are in their early 20’s. It’s like being in high school. I’ve hired two new staff today – at least I’ve decided who I am hiring – and it’s going to be interesting to see if and how the dynamic changes with the introduction of two new people.

Talking of introducing new people – you may applaud this effortless topic transition by the way – I’ve got a character in my head and I have no idea what script she belongs in. She’s quite persistent about catching my attention, but I don’t know if she’s heralding a new idea or trying to tell me she’s the Darwinian missing link to an existing screenplay.

I’m sure she’ll find her place eventually. I think she might belong to a novel I once considered writing. Oh well. I’ll find a home for her sooner or later.

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend of doing not much at all. I left my glasses at work, so I’m pleased I’ve actually got excellent vision and only a lazy muscle. Otherwise this weekend would be all about not writing cause I wouldn’t be able to see what I was doing.

I had an interesting thought cross my brain this morning. It was about Dry July, which is a fund raiser for the month of July where people give up alcohol for a month and raise money for Cancer research. I thought how cool it could be if we could give up Cancer for a month too. No more diagnoses, no more illness or treatment and at the end of the month you could elect to stay cancer free or have another drink.

I participated in Dry July last year. I didn’t raise any money – mostly I think because no one believed I could go a month without a bottle of wine or three – but maybe this year I will. If I don’t, well at least I’m supporting Dry July by not actually drinking alcohol anyway.

I guess there really is no point to this post. Usually by now I’ve come up with some thought I’m trying to convey, but not tonight. I guess tonight I simply wanted to share that I am craving cupcakes, going to bed early and that I’m going to spend July alcohol free. I could delete this post but I won’t. Who knows, maybe hidden in the depths of the page, behind the randomness of the words there is a meaning that will become clear in hindsight. Or maybe it’s all just waffle. I’ll let you figure it out.

This really has nothing to do with anything except I love it;

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