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I Can See Clearly on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon


So I can see clearly now, not that the rain has gone, it’s currently bucketing down outside. But I have glasses very much like the ones above. They sort of remind me of my Grandfathers glasses. They remind my Mother of them too.

Since I began The Artist’s Way, I’ve had horrific headaches. I put it down to procrastination, to Malaria – thanks Google – and occasionally down to male menopause. When I got my blood tests back this week and all was clear, I gave into age and went to get my eyes tested. My eyesight is good, but I have astigmatism, which effectively means the muscle behind my eye is lazy or something. Either way a few hundreds later I look like Mr Magoo – although a friend of mine told me they look like Austin Powers glasses.

I finally managed to come up with an idea for the short film for screenwriting class. I’m not 100% settled on it, but I think it will work. If nothing else I’ll get a pilot episode of a TV show idea I’ve had in my head for years down on paper. It’s an interesting concept, a bit of a dark comedy, but I think it will work. Time as they say will tell.

Talking of time, I got an email the other day from Script Magazine – I bought a subscription when I bought Final Draft – about a script pitching competition, where you submit a treatment for a film idea. One of the previous winners is Snow White and The Huntsman, which is about to be released staring Charlize Theron.

I’ve got a folder full of ideas, so I’m thinking of doing some research into how to properly write a treatment and I’m going to submit one. I’m not worried about it winning – although frankly if it does Yippe-Kiii-Aaaa – what I’m really hoping for in this little exercise is the practice of correctly writing a treatment.

Things appear to be coming together for me lately. I’m not questioning any of it. Just going with the flow and enjoying the day to day. I finally got around to cleaning my room today and I’ve been enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon watching a marathon of Bones on 111 Hits. One day, if I could write a show this well I’d be a happy little writer.

I’m happy and as the writing and The Artist’s Way continue I’m finding a safety in my writing that I haven’t experienced for a very long time. The longer and deeper I go into the process, the more I feel that by the time I turn a corner I’m going to have some form of creative writing under way. I’m looking forward to it.

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